You do not like mass furnishing. Design ones are terribly expensive...

It is not about buying new expensive furniture. My wish it to suggest a simpler solution - let's make old furniture more beautiful and unique. This is absolutely possible adding wood-carved appliqu?s or wood-carved ornaments like legs for sideboards, tables, chairs, and arm-chairs, as well as armrests for arm-chairs.

For this purpose, the furniture should be made out of walnut, oak, cherry, steamed beech, or other materials suitable for wood-carving.

Of course, it is advisable to design wood-carved elements together with the furniture. However, it is enogh that you have a clear idea of what you want. We can find the answer to question, of how to make the project.

Few more suggestions

The space you live or work in may attain its own appearance thanks to unique wood-carved headboards and footboards, wood-carved panels for wardrobes and cabinets" doors, or wood-carved elements for the fireplace. Each wood-carved detail brings more warmth, coziness, comfort, sense of refinement and even luxury.