I need to know what you wish

If you have decided already that you wish to include the wood-carving as a part of your furnishing or you would like to make a present to someone, there is nothing easier than to contact me. You could give me a call or make a written request, and be sure I will respond shortly.

It is enough to tell me what you want or to hint the direction we should follow together in order to find the idea.

Meeting for a free consultation

Since wood-carving has to harmonize with the rest of the space it will be placed in, I would prefer to "dip" into this space, either through photographs, or a site visit.

If you wish to make a present to somebody, I would expect you to let me know his temper, preferences, and tastes.

Based on the information you will give me, I will provide you a free consultation for the best resolution in my opinion.

Creating a project

Coming to this stage we need to find the main idea and its suggestion.

Afterwards, I make a draft or a drawing. After you approve the project and we agree on the deadlines, the real work on your wood-carving begins.