Уникати от дърво

Wood-carved ceiling

Ideas for unique wood-carved ceiling

Wood-carved ceiling can bring natural beauty and coziness into your home, restaurant or office. I would like to suggest: do not confine yourself to what you have seen so far. You and I can discuss together different possibilities to be able to find the most appropriate idea for your space.

First of all I make a draft or a drawing and, afterwards, upon its approval, the real work on making your unique wood-carved ceiling will begin.

See my last work - a wood-carved ceiling of white fir for a private house in the town of Kostinbrod.


The sacrament of wood-carved icons

Making wood-carved icons, certain church rules have to be observed. There is almost no place for creative ego expression. The icon needs its own life unaffected by human imperfections. This is the only way it can reflect the divine. That is why the challenge here for the wood-carver is to capture the state of mind showing benevolence of thought and dedication in icon"s creation.

I have made several wood-carved icons. I chose to use lime-tree, since its delicacy and pliancy to treatment harmonize with requirement for dedication.

Wood-carved iconostasis

Wood-carved iconostasis, a natural bearer for holy icons

In the church, the iconostasis is the boundary between the altar and the auditorium. All sacred religious rites remaining invisible to laymen worshippers are made behind it. Iconostasis wood-carving persuades the idea of a sacrament.

The icon-stand at home has a different meaning. Of course, it is smaller in size, but it carries the idea of perfection resulting out of the touch to the divine all the same as church iconostasis. The wood-carved icon-stand enfolds saint"s image and creates a sacrament cleansing the home.

Iconostases I have made so far are of pear-tree. I needed special kind of inspiration and precision in their performance.


Wood-carved pulpit, my dream that has not come true yet

In Christian church, the pulpit is the place where the voice of the Holy Scripture comes from. The words are scattering in the space to reach each particular individual as a salvation. Here, wood-carver"s imagination can reach its expression peack. Not for his own glorification, of course. The devotion is a sacred act and the vanity is ousted completely by the inspiration.

Making a wood-carved pulpit is still my dream that has not come true yet.

Wood-carved vessel

Great variety of wood-carved vessels

The presence of wood-carved vessels adds coziness and warmth, not only to a folk-style furnished interior home. Vessels" patterns can vary from floral compositions to certain life scenes. The imagination is completely free to pour on a relatively small surface saturating it however with life and message.

I have made a great number of wooden plates, bowls, jewelry boxes, candlesticks, wine vessels,etc. Most often they were ordered as traditional Bulgarian souvenirs. The truth is, wood-carved vessels may have their own appearance and suggestion. Then, creating a harmony with certain space becomes a leading creative search.

Wooden statuette

Wooden statuette, an idea for a unique present

Wooden statuette may have countless forms and suggest different messages. Each artist gives it a good part of himself. Still, in my opinion it is important to make it reflect its future owner"s temper to a certain extent. That is why any information about him/her could help me in finding the idea and the appropriate cast of mind for statuette"s making.

Wooden statuettes I made so far are of box-tree and lime-tree.

Wood-carved frame

Clocks, wood-carved frames for mirrors and paintings, in harmony with the rest furnishing

Everyone"s home has its own spirit and style. Therefore, it is important to harmonize the wood-carving which would enter it with all the rest. Otherwise, contrasts emerge that do not produce the desired effect.

My long experience tells me that the best way to reach this harmony is when I "enter" the home even through a simple photograph that would help me feel its atmosphere. Thus, patterns we would choose for the wood-carving of your clock, frames for mirrors or paintings would harmonize with everything else. This will strengthen even more your home"s uniqueness or the uniqueness people"s home you want to make glad with a truly beautiful and desirable present.

Depending on wood-carving type I use different wood types: mahogany, koto, alder, and oak.

Wood-carved chests

Wood-carved chests, forgotten luxury

Wood-carved chests may find their natural place not only in a folk-style interior. Still, they require particular style and environmental suggestion.

Besides their practical value the wood-carved chests carry a strong aesthetic fund too. Shapes, size and colors do not depend only on wood-carver"s inspiration, but mainly on harmony, which have to be created with everything else in the room.

Wood-carved signboard

Wood-carved signboard, idea for unique presentation

Wood-carved signboard is kind of original advertising with certain suggestion. Of course, the initial idea and the talent it has been made with are significant. To be able to direct its influence into the right direction, I would need you tell me in detail about your business, goals and clients" attitudes.

I make a draft and upon its approval, the real work on making your unique wood-carved signboard starts.

Wood-carved lampion

Wood-carved lampions and chandeliers, natural meeting between wood and light

Wood-carved lampions, brackets, and chandeliers bring calmness and aesthetic pleasure. They satisfy largely the desire to contact the nature. Where they harmonize with everything else, they form the space where one wishes to dip wholeheartedly.

For wood-carved lampions, brackets and chandeliers I prefer wood types of walnut, mahogany, ash, sycamore, and white fir.

Before you make you final choice, it would be good to discuss with me which forms and elements would harmonize best with the rest of your space. You can make your request in writing and I will answer it.

Wall-stands for hunting trophies

Wall-stands for hunting trophies and wood-carved butt-stocks for hunting weapons