Дърворезбата и уникатите от дърво

Each good carving shows long years of training and experience. However, to make wood forms vivid one needs something more, and this is inspiration and a special type of feeling the wood, which starts talking when touched.

Each new wood-carving of mine is different to previous ones. Each wood-carving has its own past and its own reason to exist. My inspiration comes from the wood, from my own moods and impressions, as well as from my feeling of the man who would own the carving.

The idea comes into being in an instant of enlightenment. Then skilful hands start working mastering the craft I have inherited from my grandfather and best teacher – Ivan Maranov. Finally, the form comes absolutely naturally and the others can touch it.

Wood-carving means withdrawing of excess material in order to release the form the artist had seen inside the wood. Therefore, the wood needs attention but mostly feeling. There is no room for errors. The woodcarver has to "enter" into wood"s nerves, to trace their route to lead the chisel into right direction and exercise the exact strength which would take the unnecessary off. Observing all of these conditions requires devotion and time.

On the other hand, one needs certain disposition and attitude to wood-carving to be able to to enjoy the forms sculpted forms on the wood. Perhaps that is why in our hectic world, the presence of wood, talking through its forms becomes increasingly imperceptible. The vanity in less and less natural materials drives people even further from real things.