Wood-carving, an obligatory presence in folk-style interior

Nowadays, one turns to the folk-style interior for two main reasons. On one hand, the desire to contact past and traditions stands, and on the other, natural human need for relaxing and tranquility recharging intimacy with nature is. Wood-carving fits in naturally in both cases.

Desire for a folk-style environment reminding the past

To create a genuine sense of folk-style atmosphere in a tavern, folk-style room or a separate corner, embroidered covers, clay or wooden containers are not enough, one needs to dip into aesthetics of the past. The feeling of aesthetic pleasure grows when one"s glance touches fine shapes of traditional Bulgarian wood-carving. Wood-carved elements create more coziness and desire to dip into a not-so-distant past.

Sense of nature at home

More and more people are tired of hurried daily routine and wish to touch the nature every day. The presence of wood as a main material in your home would satisfy this need. Wood-carved elements decorating your furniture would additionally strengthen the feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Wood-carving forms speak calmly and wisely, wordlessly, without imposing themselves. Only the emanation of warmth and the presence of something genuine produce a sense of space filled up with individual style and expressiveness.