Wood-carving – warmth and coziness for modern furnishing

Latest trends in modern furnishing follow brave combinations of styles. Thus, classical elements of wood-carving find their place among modern interior design increasingly. Simple straight lines of modern furnishing seem to need wood-carving"s warmth and refined curves. Therefore, in recent years my work is often intertwined with the activities of architects and designers.

Wood-carved elements on different types of furniture bring aristocracy and individually to the interior. Wood-carved panels, sculptures, frames for mirrors or paintings are the part of home or office"s decoration creating perosnal style and beauty. Look at my gallery, may be you will get an inspiration or an idea how to bring more life to the space around you.

Individual style for your interior

Modern furnishing does not mean straight lines everywhere, functionality at any cost and obligatory presence of new mostly artificial materials. Small decorative elements, selected in good taste create completeness and coziness in your home. To bring individual style and originality to an interior, decoration individuality is needed, and appropriately chosen wood-carving can bring it.

Natiral motifs and exquisite forms in the Baroque and Rococo styles are another good idea of luxury in modern furnishing. Contact me for a free advice even if you do not have any particular. We could think together on different possibilities of additional decoration or furnishing for your home, office or garden.