Духът на дървото в уникатите, иконостасите и резбованите тавани

The wood is a natural tractable material. It remembers each blow, each cut, that is why one has to treat it tenderly and lovingly. An inaccurate stroke may destroy not only initial idea but the fund the wood carries.

Wood-carver"s experience and skill are especially important. Only a confident hand can contact the wood and feel its spirit. My favorite wood species are walnut tree, pear tree, lime-tree, white fir, and cherry-tree.

I have made icons of lime-tree, iconostases of pear-tree, wood-carved ceilings of white fir, wood-carved vessels of ash-tree, sycamore, walnut-tree, mahogany, statuettes of boxwood, and lime-tree. Each peace of wood carries certain form and idea, that I make visible for the others.